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Expert Fundraising Coordination

Do you need help raising money for your organization? Bright Star LLC is the answer! Located in Nashville, Tennessee, Bright Star LLC is a business that has been in the fundraising industry for over 5 years. We are the premier provider for all your fundraising needs. We will help plan your next fundraiser, ...

Customer Satisfaction Drives Successful Fundraiser

We understand how challenging fundraising can be for organizations in need of extra resources. While making a difference in the world and raising money can be rewarding, it can also be extremely time consuming and stressful. That is why our goal is to provide unparalleled customer service to our customers, so ...

Why Choose BrightStar

Great Customer Experience

Our commitment to exceptional customer experience ensures that we provide tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each client. When you don't have the time to really understand fundraising, we want to take out the worry for you so you can focus you and your team in raising monies.

Peace of Mind and Trust

Again, fundraising can be very lucrative to raise funds for your special event. We want are customers to know that we have the best fundraising coordinators because anyone that has done a fundraiser there are many moving parts and can become overwhelming really quick we want to have our customers have that peace of mind that they will have a seamless and profitable and hassle-free experience to raising monies for their event.

High Returns / No Money Down

If you need a fundraiser with a high profit margin and no upfront costs, a fundraising order taker is your best bet. We’ll provide you order forms, and members of your team will take orders from friends, family, and coworkers. Brochure fundraising is perfect for organizations seeking for a way to raise funds with no upfront cost.

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  • Fundraising support
  • Impactful campaigns
  • Community involvement
  • Peace of Mind and Trust
  • We do not promote door to door sales
  • Brochure Sales
  • Prize Program
  • Great for all Organizations
  • Contactless Delivery Option***


Areas Covered

United States

Book your Fundraiser Online

Book your fundraiser here. All sales start on a Monday and end on the Friday. You may book a 2-or 3-week sale. Don't forget to leave your organization name and your picked brochure name in the message box.

We reserve the right to cancel any fundraiser that has not been submitted within 90 days. ****