Fundraising Coordinating Services

Ship to the Home Kitchen

With our entirely online Ship-to-Home fundraisers, you can have friends and family support your cause without the worry of collecting money or a delivery! Spend less time collecting and more time raising money for your cause! Bright Star LLC offers more than just fundraisers though - we provide the premier Ship to Home Kitchen service that can help you reach 40% profit without having to worry about delivery or minimums. With our custom fundraising campaigns, your school or non-profit organization can make the most out of your efforts and resources. 

Our Ship-to-Home fundraisers provide an unprecedented level of tracking and convenience for all of your sponsors and sellers. We provide mobile-friendly online shopping, direct home delivery and communication to ensure that no one misses a delivery. To make it even easier, each sponsor and seller has their own digital dashboard, so they can track their progress and see all of their sales in one place. Plus, support your cause with minimal time and minimal hassle! 

Get the most out of your fundraising with Bright Star LLC's Ship to Home Kitchen service and start profiting today. With the convenience and efficiency of our service, you'll never have to worry about setting up a fundraiser again and can get even more out of every fundraiser than ever before.

Book your Fundraiser Online

Book your fundraiser here. All sales start on a Monday and end on the Friday. You may book a 2-or 3-week sale. Don't forget to leave your organization name and your picked brochure name in the message box.

We reserve the right to cancel any fundraiser that has not been submitted within 90 days. ****